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K is for Knowledge
is for Attitude
is for Rightness
is for Ability
is for Training
is for Effort

 There are three important reasons to learn karate:

1. Physical Development

The karate student employs all parts of the body in performing the techniques of striking, blocking, kicking, and the kata forms, thus strengthening the internal organs and developing a strong and healthy body.

2. Mental Development

A strong and healthy body promotes the development of a strong and healthy spirit. Physical well-being engenders a grand feeling of self-confidence and a wholesome outlook on life. The best can be accomplished in life by the harmonious development of bodily strength and strength of mind.

3. Self-Defense

Being able to defend one’s life or the lives of others is one of the fundamental accomplishments of man. There is no reason for a man to forfeit his life or the lives of his loved ones through ignorance of how to defend himself. Karate training will speed up your reflex actions, inspire confidence, and impart scientific knowledge of the principles of self-defense. The proverb "to be forewarned is to be forearmed" is true of karate, for the student will be forearmed with knowledge that will make it possible to meet any foe, regardless of his strength, size, or ability.

Self-knowledge is necessary in karate-do and is all important in overcoming the battles of life. To win life’s battles, one must first overcome himself. Without self-knowledge, you will arrive at frustration. With self-knowledge, you will learn to understand and value others. The true master of karate-do has a sense of propriety and humility which will lead him to his own sense of honor.

In 1965, during his visit to this country, Master Kazuaki Tanahashi, director of the International Shodo, presented Mr. Robert Trias with a scroll inscribed with immortal words that clearly state the advantage of karate-do:

"The Supreme Way Has No Hindrance."

The Hand is My Sword, A Karate Handbook by Grandmaster Robert A. Trias