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Gold Dust Twins
Gold Dust Twins
Ricky (left) & Randy Smith

Ricky and Randy Smith were named The Gold Dust Twins by Karate Illustrated in 1977.   Ricky was ranked 3rd in the United States and 10th in the World in Professional Kickboxing.  The highlight of Ricky and Randy's exciting career came in 1978 when the double duo won the Double Pro Team (Tag Team) Kickboxing Championship of the World, which was sanctioned by the National Karate Association.  This fight is still considered by many as one of the most action-packed bouts in the history of Full Contact Karate.  The twins also fought as super light weights for the world famous undefeated kickboxing team called "The Charlotte Warhawks."

Randy had an extremely powerful straight right hand punch and was properly named "The Bullet" after his first opponent fell victim to one of these devastating shots.   Ricky had lightning fast hand and feet combinations and was nicknamed "Flash" after knocking out his first opponent in a record setting seventeen seconds.  The Gold Dust Twins were two of the most colorful and popular fighters of their era. 

Left - Ricky "Flash" Smith vs. Larry Korb 1975
Right - Dave Adams holding Ricky's arms up in victory