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Ricky & Randy Smith

Martial Arts Background:

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  • Over forty years of martial art experience.

  • 8th Degree Black Belts/American Open Style Karate/Grandmaster Jerry Piddington.

  • 8th Degree Black Belts/American Jee Do Kwan Karate/Grandmaster Dave Adams.

  • 5th Degree Black Belts/American Karate Systems/Grandmaster Joe Lewis.

  • 5th Degree Black Belts/Okinawan Shuri-ryu Karate-do/Hanshi John Pachivas.

  • 2nd Degree Black Belt/Shurite Ju-jitsu/Shihan Troy Price.

  • Ranked 10th in the world & 3rd in U.S.A. in Kickboxing/NKA/1977.

  • World Tag Team Kickboxing Champions/NKA/1977 & 1978.

  • Members of undefeated kickboxing team - The Charlotte Warhawks.  

  • Featured in Karate Illustrated Magazine/June 1977

  • Inducted into World Martial Arts Hall of Fame/Instructors of the Year/1994.

  • Kata Grand Champion/World Martial Arts Hall of Fame Championships/1994.

  • Seventeen Kata Tomoe Warrior Award presented by Hanshi Piddington/1997.

  • Pinnacle Tomoe Warrior Award presented by Hanshi Piddington (1 of only 6), highest honor in the AKANA/2000

  • Founders of SideKick Karate & SideKick MMA franchise with schools presently located in China Grove, Salisbury, and Concord.

  • Promoted Living Legends Hall of Fame & Celebrity Roast honoring Hanshi Piddington along with the greatest fighters and martial artist of our era such as Howard Jackson, Joe Lewis, Jeff Smith, Don Wilson, & Bob Wall/2003.

  • Chief Instructor of American Karate Academies National Association.
  • Founders of American Open Karate System.

  • Creators of Get Started in Karate instructional video series. 

  • Authors of three volumes of American Open Karate Illustrated Training Manuals from White Belt to 2nd Degree Black Belt/endorsed by A.K.A.N.A. 

Charitable Activities:

  • Founders of Double Impact Ministries involved in nationwide youth outreach.

  • Founders of Double Impact Karate Team - Kicking Drugs Out of America, actively involved in the N.C. School System.   

  • Founders and promoters of Bushido Warrior Sparring Tournament as fundraiser for Godstock since 2004 raising over $100,000.00. 

  • Founders and promoters of China Grove 5K Challenge as fundraiser for YMCA Youth Camp since 2000.


  • Angel With A Kick - a Dave Adams Film starring Thomas La Puppet and Ricky & Randy Smith.

  • The Quest - A Universal Picture starring Jean-Claude Van Damme and Roger Moore.  Ricky was a stuntman and portrayed a pirate.

  • Bloodsport II: The Next Kumite - An FM Entertainment Production starring Pat Morita (Mr. Miyagi) and Daniel Bernhardt.   Ricky portrayed a fighter in The Kumite.

  • The Russian Godfather - A Hollywood Star Entertainment Production starring Jeff Conway.  Ricky and Randy were stuntmen and portrayed bodyguards.